Fabulous workmanship and service. I have had them do wood flooring for me now twice. To get that flooring back to my home in St.Louis is both extra effort and dollars but worth every bit of it given the high quality of work that they do and the beautiful way my floors look after they’ve been installed.

Nearly everything we’ve done in our house has been customized. We look for the highest quality. We only do our woodwork and flooring through Mulvains.
— Michael

They were wonderful! Great product and service! Thanks for the ideas! Your knowledge and passion for what you do is so appreciated!
— Erica

Beautiful fireplace mantle out of butternut. Took a while to get but absolutely worth the wait.
— Uwe

They are knowledgeable, honest, kind, available when we needed them, patient, prompt, and met deadlines without issues. We always recommend Mulvain Woodworks because we had such an excellent experience and trust them to provide excellent product, workmanship, and service.
— Greg and Pam Rose

Got all the oak trim for my house here very good work highly recommend them
— Dale

We chose Mulvain Woodworks because they are capable of taking our timber from forest to finished products. They have the best staff, process, and equipment to get the job done. Our experience with Mulvain Woodworks has been outstanding. Their carpentry and product knowledge gave us the confidence we were making the right decisions for our trim and flooring needs.
— Mike and Julie Kuss

We would recommend Mulvain’s because of their quality and workmanship. The wood turned out beautiful! We are proud to have wood from my wife’s family farm in our home on the farm I grew up in.
— Rob and Patti Klinger

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— Nicola, Colombia