Our Team

“Choose a job you love and surround yourself with others who love their job,

and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Antonio ‘Villy’ Carvajal

I began my working career in Texas in a landscaping business until I decided to move somewhere a bit cooler. I worked with KD Structures for 9 years where we reconstructed old barns, removing them from one location to rebuild them exactly as they were in a new location. My family is very important to me so outside of work I spend it with my wife and three boys. By 2019, I will have been with Mulvain Woodworks for 20 years. I am a hat of all traits, but my speciality is being the saywer for the band saw. This place is my home away home and it has been a honor to work alongside Pat and Mike for this long.


Devin Mulvain

As Mike and Pat’s grandson, it is a privelage that I get to work alongside them. I have been involved in the business ever since I could remember. My grandparents have taught me dicipline, hardwork, and putting passion into my job makes all the difference in the world. Being able to share their dream with them will be something always worth honoring the family name.


Colin Baker

Air Force Veteran, 8 years active duty Bachelors in Agricultural Education from UW Platteville I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids. I started woodworking in college to make extra money. I ended up starting my own business doing custom woodwork after college until I was offered a job here at Mulvain woodworks. I love what I do here and love working with tight-nit group of extremely talented people who take great pride in what they do.


Luis Acosta

Woodworking has been apart of me since I was able to swing a hammer and began working on projects with my dad at 13 years old. I have built furniture with Office Works out of Rockford for several years and came to Mulvain Woodworks 2 years ago. In my spare time, my family and I spend our time together in the outdoors playing sports or going on small hikes and I have developed a new hobby - running marathons. Being apart of Mulvain Woodworks is something I would never trade for any other job - we are family here.


Garrett Schlueter

Graduating from Dakota High School with a strong emphasize for Agriculture and Woodworking. I’ve grown up on a farm and enjoy spending my free time hunting, fishing, rebuilding old trucks, and riding motorcycles. Mike and Pat have taken me under their wing and have truly helped me develop my strengths and skills for woodworking. There is always something new to learn and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with this group of people and the business we do here.